Dear Parents and Students:

Today we received contact from school community members relative to a social-media posting which they found concerning. While the post made was not a direct threat to an individual or particular school, it did contain a toy airsoft weapon, which looked strikingly like the real thing. This photo, coupled with the inclusion of a non-descript school building image, as well as the words “Huntington Station“ caused reason for some very legitimate concern.  Our administrative team immediately contacted the middle school student and parents, conferenced with law-enforcement, and conducted a full investigation. While we were thankful to find no threat to any individual or building, as well as the complete absence of means and opportunity, we do take this matter quite seriously and have acted accordingly. 

We would also ask that everyone take a moment to reinforce with their children the seriousness of social-media postings that can in any way be interpreted as a threat or danger to school.  While we have no desire to police student or family social-media postings, it is our solemn responsibility to investigate anything of concern to the safety and welfare of our students and staff.  It is critically important for us all to carefully weigh the impact of words and pictures, and remember that we have both an individual and collective responsibility to the security of our school community.


As you might imagine, the singular social-media image was immediately removed, and the school district is not resending the image as we are in agreement with law-enforcement that no useful purpose would be served by adding to any social-media hype. Fortunately, all is well, and there was never any threat or danger, but we want to share the information in a proactive, transparent fashion.  



Be well and have a wonderful weekend.



Dave Bennardo     

Superintendent of Schools


Edwin Smith