Patriot Day...9-11 Reflections from Superintendent Bennardo

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There is no question that 9/11 is one of those earthshaking moments in time that evokes vivid recollections and stimulates powerful, human emotions.

While it took weeks, months, and even years after that fateful day to fully understand the gravity of the attack, it was immediately clear that our nation would be forever changed.  However, while we felt  in our hearts that life as we knew it would now be different, we didn’t understand just how much of our nation’s innocence laid in the ruins.  There's just so much from that day that children should never have to witness, and families should
never be forced to endure, yet somehow the lessons went even deeper than the pain. Yes, there are wounds that simply cannot heal, and scars that will never fade, but those harsh realities will always be juxtaposed against the shining examples of heroism, compassion, and sacrifice that emerged from the ashes and provided promise and hope for generations of Americans to come.  9/11 left us with a very clear choice to be consumed with anger and rage, or inspired by American bravery and determination. September 11, 2001, presented our modern nation with its hour of maximum need, and so many courageous patriots answered the call by providing examples of selflessness, human decency, and personal sacrifice. Whether it was young men and women giving up the security and safety of their homes to defend our shores, first responders rushing into danger, average citizens lining up to give blood, or school children crafting holiday cards for the soldiers who were thousands of miles from home, there was a feeling of commonality that made race, color, ethnicity, and religion  momentarily meld into a genuine mosaic of American values. In short, 9/11 proved that the things that unite us are far stronger than those that keep us apart. September 11, 2001, offered the crystal-clear message that while our people might be presented with
incredible pain and unthinkable grief, the American national spirit could not be broken. So as we reflect this Tuesday and hear the names read aloud as bells toll in the background, let us remember those things that make us special. Let’s hug our family and friends a little bit tighter and take a moment to think about all of the men and women who have given tirelessly to weave the warm blanket of freedom that protects our shores each and every day.

God Bless our South Huntington Community and God Bless the United States of America. 

Be well Dave Bennardo