All-County Music Festivals Feature 34 South Huntington Students

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Thirty-four South Huntington students have been chosen for the 2018 Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association (SCMEA) ALL-COUNTY Festivals. The district would like to thank its fine music teachers and the families of these talented students for all of their hard work!  Congratulations to the following students who were selected. We are proud that they will be representing the South Huntington community in the annual SCMEA All-County Music Festival this March.


School Ensemble Name Inst/Voice Part

Maplewood                Band               Kate Adams Trumpet/Cornet

Maplewood                Chorus            Marisa Castillo Children's Voice

Maplewood                Chorus            John Marr Children's Voice

Maplewood                Chorus            Theodore Martinez Children's Voice

Maplewood                Chorus            Ava Tulipano Children's Voice

Silas Wood                Band               Alex Atkin Bb Clarinet

Silas Wood                Band               Josie Grant                 Tenor Sax

Silas Wood                Band               Jaren Smullian Tuba/Sousaphone

Silas Wood                Band               Stephanie Vardales Flute

Silas Wood                Chorus            Keira Brown Children's Voice

Silas Wood                Chorus            Amber Carmosin Children's Voice

Silas Wood                Chorus            Alessia Maffei Children's Voice

Silas Wood                Chorus            Kate Pratt Children's Voice

Silas Wood                Chorus            Alexandra Sales Children's Voice

Silas Wood                Orchestra       Femanda Martinez Violin

Stimson Band               John Andreoni Snare Drum

Stimson Band               Kristy Chillemi Bb Clarinet

Stimson Band               Liam Hill Bassoon

Stimson Band               Simeon Kwak Bb Clarinet

Stimson Band               Esteban Maraboli Bb Clarinet

Stimson Band               Shaelyn Scharpf Tuba/Sousaphone

Stimson Band               Dylan Vincent Trombone

Stimson Chorus            Salma Laraki Alto

Stimson Chorus            Anabelle Muellers Soprano

Stimson Chorus            Quinlan Sellers Baritone

Stimson Orchestra       Natalie Bausano Bb Clarinet

Stimson Orchestra       Ryan Davis Violin

Walt Whitman           Band               Jessica Castagna Bb Clarinet

Walt Whitman           Band               Julianna Licona Trumpet/Cornet

Walt Whitman           Band               Emily Riha Bb Clarinet

Walt Whitman           Chorus            Janna Garden Soprano

Walt Whitman           Chorus            Josh Muellers Bass

Walt Whitman           Orchestra       Abby Dinstell Bb Clarinet

Walt Whitman           Orchestra       Julia Rinaldi Cello