SCMEA All-County Selects 39 South Huntington Musicians

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The Suffolk County Music Educators Association (SCMEA) has announced their selections to the annual SCMEA All-County Music Festival to be held in March of 2020.

“I want to take a moment to thank all those who went the extra mile in nominating students for these All County recognitions,” said Superintendent Dr. Dave Bennardo. “The extra effort in showcasing our students speaks volumes about your passion for the craft. Thank you for helping to make our students and music program shine.”

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to participate in the 2020 Suffolk County Music Educators’ Association All-County Music Festivals! They truly represent the fine program that South Huntington has to offer.

School                         Student Ensemble Instr./Voice Part
Stimson                      Luke Vaughan Band Baritone/Euph
Stimson                      Shaun Murphy Band Trumpet/Cornet
Stimson                      Grace DeMarinis Orchestra Double Bass
Stimson                      Abrianna Mandarino Band French Horn
Stimson                      Aiden Dearborn Band Percussion
Stimson                      Deanna Valentin Chorus Alto
Stimson                      Bronsyn Chiechi Band Bb Clarinet
Stimson                      Anthony Coiro Band Percussion
Stimson                      Lauren Kispert Chorus Soprano
Stimson                      Reilly McKinley Band Bass Clarinet
Stimson                      Harper Garvey Band Flute

Maplewood                Melissa Styvesant Chorus Childrens Voice
Maplewood                Caroline Tulipano Chorus Childrens Voice
Maplewood                Sydney Henkel Chorus Childrens Voice
Maplewood                Ella Brenner Band Alto Sax
Maplewood                Emily Butterfield Chorus Childrens Voice
Maplewood                Timothy Treubig Chorus Childrens Voice

Silas Wood                 Diana Fogel Chorus Childrens Voice
Silas Wood                 Alyssa Vozza Band Flute
Silas Wood                 Lauren Dinstell Band Baritone/Euph
Silas Wood                 Samantha Dinstell Orchestra Cello
Silas Wood                 Shay Lublin Chorus Childrens Voice
Silas Wood                 Everett Weiss Band Bass Clarinet

Walt Whitman           Quinlan Sellers Chorus Tenor
Walt Whitman           Ryan Rowe Chorus Bass
Walt Whitman           Kristy Chillemi Band Bb Clarinet
Walt Whitman           Kristell Sobalvarro Perez Band French Horn
Walt Whitman           Joseph Cenzoprano Chorus Bass
Walt Whitman           Raymond Nazario Chorus Bass
Walt Whitman           John Andreoni Band Percussion
Walt Whitman           Olivia Macchiarola Band Bb Clarinet
Walt Whitman           Kaitlyn Allen Chorus Alto
Walt Whitman           Zivad Choudry Chorus Bass
Walt Whitman           Gianna Vozza Orchestra Piccolo
Walt Whitman           Esteban Maraboli Band Bb Clarinet
Walt Whitman           Haylee Caserta Chorus Soprano
Walt Whitman           Alex Joshi Chorus Bass
Walt Whitman           Angela Shedlow Band Piccolo
Walt Whitman           Natalie Bausano Band Bb Clarinet