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Staff Directory

Oakwood Primary Center

Eileen Kerrigan  
Assistant Principal
Mitchell Levy  
Faculty & Staff
Ms. Baumbach (Ms. McLaughlin)  
Ms. DeNuzzo  
Ms. Groe  
Ms. Lawn-Williams  
Ms. McGrorty   
Ms. McLaughlin, (Ms. Baumbach)   
Ms. Molina  
Ms. Negron  
Ms. Pica  
Ms. Renda, (Ms. Tafe)  
Ms. Tafe, (Ms. Renda)  
First Grade
Ms. A Lopez  
Mr. Barbosa  
Ms. DaRos  
Ms. Finnegan (Ms. Galano)  
Ms. Galano (Ms. Finnegan)  
Ms. Lay, (Ms. Willis)  
Ms. Schramm  
Ms. Schwartz  
Ms. Seidl   
Ms. Tomasino  
Ms. Willis, (Ms. Lay)  
Second Grade
Ms. Farkas  
Ms. Herrera  
Ms. Kelly  
Ms. Kielawa (Ms. Winkoff)  
Ms. Lawrence, (Ms. Wegge)  
Ms. Medina  
Ms. Milo  
Mr. Watts   
Ms. Wegge, (Ms. Lawrence)  
Ms. Winkoff, (Ms. Kielawa)  
Ms. Wright  
Ms. Erickson  
Cafeteria Paraprofessionals
Ms. Aievoli
Ms. Aiken
Ms. Barclay
Ms. DeDora
Ms. Feldmann
Ms. Parker
Mr. Lombardo
Mr. Montalbano
(Head Custodian)
Mr. Wuestman
Ms. Bishop- Koertge  
Ms. Mennella  
Ms. OShea-Holohan  
Ms. Rodriguez  
Ms. Sousa  
Ms. Torres Banegas  
ESL Paraprofessionals
Ms. Amodeo  
Ms. Natale  
Ms. Selley  
Ms. Abbatiello
Ms. Abbene  
Ms. Armstrong
Ms. Donnelly  
Ms. Heng-Cheang
Ms. LeClaire  
Main Office
Ms. Scimeca  
Ms. Stiles  
Math Lab
Ms. Borland  
Ms. Fierro,   
Ms. Pinelli  
Ms. Falcone  
Ms. Asma  
Ms. Bishop  
Ms. Bonventura  
Ms. Eckard  
Ms. Kraus  
Ms. Meaney  
Ms. Scala  
Ms. Thompson  
Ms. Zubkovs  
Physical Education
Mr. Rosa  
Mr. Russell  
Psychologist & Behavioral Consultant
Ms. Levey  
Dr. Voll  
Ms. Berry  
Ms. Hess  
Ms. Lembo  
Ms. Lugo.  
Ms. Luyster  
Ms. Milana  
Ms. Scimeca  
Ms. Stiles  
Social Worker
Mr. Toledo  
Special Education Paraprofessionals
Ms. Bishop  
Ms. Bonaventure  
Ms. Conforti  
Ms. Gardner  
Ms. Karalekas  
Ms. Kraus  
Ms. Thompson  
Ms. Garet  
Ms. O’Dougherty  
Ms. Perez Flowers  
Teacher of the Deaf
Ms. Pensa  
Teaching Assistants
Ms. Conforti  
Ms. Gardner  
Ms. Karalekas  
Ms. Kreismer  
Ms. Leventhal  
Ms. Schwartz  
Tech Mentor
Ms. Groe  
Ms. Lawrence