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Birchwood and SADD Team Up

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Birchwood School’s fifth grade students are teaming up with Mrs. Mandaro and the Walt Whitman SADD club to help promote safety and making good choices. Students are putting to good use the information that Officer Wendy provided them during the Police Smart program.  Officer Wendy taught the children about alcohol and its negative effects on health and decision making.  As an extension project, our students were encouraged to write letters to the seniors of Walt Whitman High School urging them to make smart choices and to be safe during the upcoming prom season. 

Quotes from kids in their letters-
“Don’t bring alcohol to your prom.  If you get drunk you will not act like yourself and make really bad decisions.” 
“The legal drinking age is 21.  If you get caught you will get arrested by the police.”
“Please think before you take the first sip and make the right choice.”
“People drink alcohol because they want to act tough, the way you act tough is by saying NO!”