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Registration Forms


New Entrants (public school)

•   Registration Procedures (English) or (Spanish)

All Forms in packet required for registration in South Huntington UFSD.

  • Parent & Owner/Lessee Affidavit: (English) or (Spanish)
    IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A LEASE and you are renting an apartment, room, private home or living with a relative or friend, you will need the following in addition to the registration packet and the two affidavit's completed and notarized:
    a.    The owner's current Property Tax Bill with their name on it, or current                       Mortgage Statement or copy of their Deed/Lease.
    b.    Two current bills for this month in their name
    c.     Three of the following:
    -    This month’s telephone bill in your name
    -    This month’s cable bill in your name
    -    This month’s bank statement in your name
    -    This month’s PSEG bill in your name
    -    Current photo ID (Driver’s License)
  • Absentee Parent Form: (English) or (Spanish)
  • Universal Pre-Kindergarten Packet (English) or (Spanish


Non Public Schools


Health Services Forms