Whitman Science Fair Winner Announced

Joseph Buckshaw is congratulated by Principal Kathie Acker.
Joseph Buckshaw is congratulated by Principal Kathie Acker.

Walt Whitman High School held its Science Fair recently, and a special group of students stepped up to the plate. “This was the first time that participation in the Science Fair at Walt Whitman High School has been voluntary, and you chose to rise to the occasion,” said Principal Kathie Acker in her message to participants. “Although developing a science fair project takes long hours of research and analysis, you took on the personal commitment of challenging yourself to go above and beyond. You demonstrated an obvious commitment to your academics as well as to the world of science and research.”

Certificates of Participation went to the following students:

Kabir Zafar and Jonathan Mozoon- Project: The Effect of Copper Surfaces on Microbes

Nicholas Baumann and Victoria Weisser- Project: What recipe is best for making milk into plastic?

Jonathan Vital & Gabrielle Vital- Project: Light bulb efficiency


The Award for Excellence in Science this year goes to freshman Joseph Buckshaw.

Joseph’s project is titled "What can be done to clothing to improve its effectiveness in blocking deadly UV [ultraviolet] radiation?" “I became interested in this subject after my grandpa passed away from skin cancer," said Joseph. "I wondered, why can’t clothing be more protective? And that’s how I got into the project.” Now in his third year of testing, Joseph decided that for his Whitman project he would use dark-colored materials. “I did find that the darker the shirt, the more the damaging UV rays were blocked,” said Joseph.

As a freshman, Joseph is enjoying much that Whitman has to offer, including cross-country in the fall and winter track, and he is currently trying out for baseball. “As a DECA member, I enjoy the business aspect of my studies, so hopefully I will apply my love for the sciences in a business,” said Joseph.