The Walt Whitman National Honor Society (NHS) has taken on a service project this year and we would like to ask the South Huntington community, as well as the faculty and staff of Whitman, to help us help others. 

When Hurricane Sandy devastated many areas of Long Island a camp was set up in Lindenhurst to help the victims.  Many people are still without their homes. They are living in hotels and are not yet capable of cooking for themselves.  Camp Bulldog was set up to help these people.  They provide support in many ways.  In addition to having cleaning supplies donated by big companies, water, food and hot meals are also being provided.

The camp was operating seven days a week until after New Years Day. Now they are operating Friday thru Monday.  They are supplying hot meals that are prepared and served by two people. The NHS has been helping them out by providing trays of prepared foods and baked desserts.  This has been a tremendous help to the people in charge of their “kitchen”.  They operate out of a tent, with a grill to cook food.  The one person in charge of serving the hot food heats the trays of food at home and brings the food there to Camp Bulldog to keep warm and serve from sterno heaters.

The NHS would like to ask you to help us help Camp Bulldog.  For the next two Fridays, Mar 1st and March 8th, Walt Whitman Math teacher Donna Talleur will be in the faculty parking lot located behind the high school, from 6:45am to 7:20am to accept any donations you might be willing to share.  She will be parked in a beige Rav4 right by the sidewalk that leads to the main office.

Suggestions for donations:  any casserole dish, i.e. baked ziti, sausage and peppers, sauerkraut and bratwurst, green bean casserole, baked desserts, cakes, cupcakes, cookies, anything freshly baked, be creative!! Disposable trays please.

Canned food: They really need food for their pantry and also food to heat up such as Dainty Moore stews or Progresso soups. These they can heat up in a pot on the grill and serve to the victims. 

Thank you for considering this. These people really need us to help them