Concussions and Your Child


Think concussions happen mostly to the big guys involved in contact sports? Think again. Concussions can happen to anyone, and they can happen any time the head takes a hit. It is not always easy to know if someone has sustained a concussion. You don't have to lose consciousness (pass out), and there does not have to be any outward sign of physical injury.

Whether your child plays sports or not, South Huntington parents are urged to attend an informational meeting to learn about the South Huntington Concussion Management Program.

The program will be presented by James Wright, EdD, and is supported by a grant from Dick’s Sporting Goods. District parents will be able to register to have a baseline report done for their child free as part of the grant.

Dr. Wright, Supervisor of Physical Education, Athletics, and Recreation in the South Huntington School District has done extensive research on concussions and has been a panelist and presenter on the subject to a number of organizations, including the New York State Athletic Administrators Association at their annual convention.

Join us on Monday March 4, 2013
7 to 9 PM
Walt Whitman Performing Arts Center.