Xanadulit.com Benefit Concert


We’ve made supporting Whitman’s Online magazine as easy as having a great time. Tonight, Friday February 1st at 6:45 PM, the Xanadulit.com benefit concert will feature performances by some of Whitman’s most talented students.  The place to be on the first of February is Whitman’s South Café.  Bands include The Commentators, Break Point Deep, and Coda, with acoustical performances by Amy Profaci and Lauren Re, and Emma Triolo with Symone Stewart and Kevin Shepherd. Additional performance by Jess Malone with Kyle Henson.

Tickets are only $5 ea with all proceeds going to support Xanadulit.com- Whitman’s online Literary/Art Magazine.

Students currently scheduled to perform include:

Group 1-
The Commentators
Chris Nardelli - lead vocals, guitar, drums
Derek Lankeaux - backing vocals, bass
Jesse Siegelman - drums, guitar

Group 2 -
Break Point Deep
Dan Oliveau - Lead Vocals
Kevin Shepherd - Lead Guitar
Jimmy Sharpe - Rhythm Guitar
Tyler Ullman - Bass
Greg Ledbetter - Drums

Group 3 -
Jeremy Williams - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard
Nick Zonin- Guitar
Pat Shuvshevski - Keyboard, Trombone
Andrew Gonzalez - Trumpet
Mack Jensen - Saxophone
Tyler Bass - Vocals, Bass
Greg Pettit - Drums

Acoustic Performances by:
1. Amy Profaci and Lauren Re
2. Emma Triolo with Symone Stewart and Kevin Shepherd
3. Jess Malone with Kyle Henson