Wildcats Adopt Bulldogs


Life before Hurricane Sandy is beginning to resume as street by street gets cleared of storm debris. Life without power now seems a distant memory. But a short 12 miles to our south, residents of the village of Lindenhurst are still struggling with the devastation brought by the storm. 

In a recent message to her Wildcat students and their families, Stimson Middle School Principal Ms. Faye Robins reported that the Stimson community has officially adopted Lindenhurst Middle School. “Between the months of January and March, the Stimson Student-Based Management Team will be collecting items requested by the Bulldog students who attend the hard-hit middle school and their families," said Ms. Robins. “The list of items we are collecting in the lobby reception area at Stimson includes school supplies, skate boards and sporting equipment such as basketballs, soccer balls, and footballs, age-appropriate board games, and family gift cards."

Once again the Stimson school community, including students, families, administrators, teachers, and staff, has embraced the true spirit of the holiday season.