5th Grade Track & Field Day


South Huntington’s 5th Graders competed in their annual Track & Field Day under a picture perfect sky. The cheering crowd kept the excitement high as event after event unfolded. From the beginning of the 50 Meter dash to the final 4x100 Relay, Birchwood’s and Maplewood’s finest competed head to head. A personal best was the challenge of the day, but this being track and field, we do have winners to post in most of the categories.

Congratulations to all of our outstanding young athletes who competed today!

Girls 50-Meter Dash

1st  - Kimberly Hoppe

2nd - Brianna Hansen

3rd - Tiana Hilton

4th - Fiona Smyth

Boys 50-Meter Dash

1st – Peter Marion

2nd – Jamel Manigault

3rd - Shane Zarcone

4th - Patrick Muccini

Girls 80-Meter Dash

1st – Brianna Hansen

2nd – Cassidy Giudice

3rd – Samantha Carey

4th - Fiona Smyth

Boys 80-Meter Dash

1st -  Andrew Ledbetter

2nd – Daniel Bettrain

 3rd – Jake Salerno

4th - Jackson Zaiff

Girls 800 Meter

1st – Isabella Adamovicz

2nd – Tara Browning

3rd – Ariana Elvir

4th - Mikaela Zukaitis

Boys 800 Meter

1st – Dylan Cella,

2nd – Matthew Calandra

3rd – Onandi Young

4th - Anthony DeLorenzo

Girls Running Long Jump

1st – Cassidy Paige

2nd - Jamie Montague and Olivia Kongevold

3rd - Sydney Khan

4th – Ariel Issac

Boys Running Long Jump

1st – J.P. Barone

2nd – Jackson Zaiff

3rd – Mike Corteman

4th -  Billy Collins

Girls Standing Broad Jump

1st -  Mikaela Zukaitis

2nd – Michelle Franco, Alexa Seifert, and Ariana  Elvir

3rd - Kara DeBruin

4th – Heather Abbene

Boys Standing Broad Jump

1st – Shane Zarcone

2nd – Greg Tully

3rd – Danny Kulsen

4th – Ryan Meyer

Girls 4x100 Relay

1st – Talia Taylor, Emily O’Mara, Nicole Mendoza, Gabby Guidie

2nd – Michelle Pirozzi, Sydney Khan, Isabella Rombaldi, Christine DeBlasio

Boys 4x100 Relay

1st – Jeffrey Sorto, Kevin Martin, Jamel Manigault, Greg Tully

2nd – Dylan Thyer, Richard Barone, Jake Donahue, Thomas McNulty.