Sticks and Stones @ Silas Wood

How do you keep 500 sixth-graders glued to their seats and their attention totally focused for 45 minutes?  

At Silas Wood on Friday afternoon that’s exactly what happened as performing artist Lyle Cogen put on a one-woman performance that was larger than life. Titled ‘Sticks and Stones' Ms. Cogen’s performance weaves both physical and Cyber Bullying into a powerful drama that kept the audience spellbound.

“I want students to watch the piece and be able to recognize their own actions in the various characters represented.” said Ms. Cogen. “Each of us winds up playing different roles. Sometimes in the course of a day we can see bullying behavior in ourselves, we can see we’re a bystander, or we can see where we can get bullied by somebody else.”

Students in South Huntington schools have similar types of presentations that are age and grade appropriate that help to illustrate what they are taught about the devastating and destructive consequences of all three points of the bullying triangle.

Thank you PTA Cultural Arts for bringing this powerful performance to our schools.