PTA Council is pleased to announce that there is a new vendor this year for the Gift Wrap Fund Raiser!  The company name is Cristoline Fund Raising. This very important fundraiser supports the work of the South Huntington Council of PTAs which includes scholarships for deserving high school seniors. Each participating school also receives monies from the fundraiser for their PTA Cultural Arts Programs as well!

Please feel free to contact them via their website at for a copy of their brochures named "Cristoline", "Home and Hearth" and a "Cheerful Giver".  They have many new items that have not been sold in the past, along with gift wrap and magazines. 

The brochures have been sent home with the children in the Primary schools, the Intermediate schools and SEPTA.  If you have not received your catalog yet, please contact the council delegate at your school. The sale End Date is September 28th, 2012. As in the past, if you are paying by check, please make sure it is written out to SOUTH HUNTINGTON COUNCIL OF PTAs.  Please put your phone number on the check as well!
If you would like to place an order on line please go to
Birchwood Intermediate                     Countrywood Primary                        SEPTA  
Username: birchwood                            Username: countrywood                        Username: septa
Password: southhuntingtonny                 Password: southhuntingtonny                Password: southhuntingtonny
Maplewood Intermediate                    Oakwood Primary
Username: maplewood                           Username:oakwood
Password: southhuntingtonny                 Password: southhuntingtonny 
  • Shipping is FREE for orders over $60. 
  • Recommended for distant friends/relatives
  • Students can put the amount of online sales on their order form to get credit for sales and choose higher level prizes.
If you should have any questions, please contact your council delegate from each school or contact the committee Co-Chairs, Patty Emanuele at or Phyllis Gioe at