Oakwood’s Superhero SRR Celebration

Oakwood Primary Center held their first Superhero SRR celebration and end-of-the year awards ceremony under warm and sunny skies. The stage was set, and the crowd was ready for the event’s master of ceremonies, Mr. Roberto Toledo. 

Oakwood principal Ms. Eileen Kerrigan and Assistant Principal Mr. Mitch Levy presented students with certificates and medals for a variety of honors including: The Triple "C" Award, sponsored by New York State’s Attorney General; and a large group of Triple "C" runner-up students received Good Citizenship awards.

There were four very exceptional students who won medals in this year's Special Olympics. There were Student Council Representative Awards, and two lucky student athletes won a week at South Huntington’s Wildcat Sports Camp. Special music achievement awards were given out, as were awards for students who represented Oakwood in the NYSSMA Music Festival. 

Awards were also given out to students who embodied the ceremony’s theme: being Safe, Respectful, and Responsible (SRR). The morning wasn’t complete without prizes for teachers and, as part of the SRR theme, parent volunteers whose professions involve several of the theme's attributes were given the title of "superhero" and were interviewed by Mr.Toledo. 

Several firemen, a nurse practitioner, and police officers were all thanked for their commitment. South Huntington assistant superintendent for Student Services, Ms. Jacqueline Harris, was on hand to acknowledge the students' achievements, and the Walt Whitman cheerleaders performed stunts and cheers that were loudly welcomed as they threw t-shirts out into the packed crowd. 

Mr. Toledo, adorned with a festive hat, was a natural on stage, and his ad libbed quips kept his fellow staff members smiling throughout the morning. Congratulations to all the students and to the fine Oakwood staff members, who helped make this an event to remember.

Photo: Two of Oakwood's finest receive a Triple 'C' Award.