Michael S. Curtin Citizenship Awards

It’s a concept with which South Huntington students are very familiar. It’s one that makes the South Huntington community and its school district special in every way. That concept is good citizenship, and the value of it can’t be stressed enough. Dr. Shea makes mention of it frequently. In his current Spotlight message, he says: “We want to give the children of the South Huntington School District every opportunity to succeed, to become good citizens of the world. We want them to choose to live a life that matters. To choose to live a life that cares enough to take a moment to touch others' lives in some way.” 

Principal Acker had this to say in her opening remarks at the recent awards ceremony: “Service to others was a priority in Michael Curtain’s life. Tragically, on September 11, 2001, Michael Curtain was killed during the terrorist attacks while attempting to rescue victims trapped in the World Trade Center. A good citizen is someone who respects others and their property. Good citizens are helpful and considerate, willing to put others first.  They listen to the views of others and think about what they have to say. They help people who are not in a position to help themselves.” 

The following  Michael Curtain citizenship awardees make Walt Whitman High School and the entire South Huntington community proud: 

Cynthia Abad,  Joao Pedro Afonso, Hoosna G. Ahmed, Ashley Aikhuele, Caroline Aloe, Taylor Jayne Alperin, Teresa Marie Brigati, James C. Campbell, Timothy C. Charlton, Antonella Curcio, Melissa Delaney, Alexandra Morgan Diamond, Kurt J. Dirr, Anthony Joseph Dovi, Ryan T. Duffy, Alexandra Lenore Dukes, Cole Michael Dybec, Darrell G. Felder, Daniel E. Friedman, Morgan T. Gieser, Krysten Marie Gonzalez, Katherine Anne Grudens, Patricia Joan Grudens, Eleanor D. Harvey, Nancy D. Hoang, Claudia, Rebecca Hoffman, Maria Jaramillo, Djenane Jean, Demi Kaitery, Jillian Kelly , Sarah Terese Klaum, Danielle Marie Kraus, Rebecca Lloyd, Irvin R  López, Ashley Rose Marx, Rachel J. Marx, Thomas Mc Nulty,, Mary Katherine Miraglia, Matthew Benjamin Nemshin, Michelle S. Nolasco, Zachary Ian Pehel, Caela Theresa Pentz, Samantha Marie Piazza, James Anthony Pineda, Alexander H. Quattrocchi, Thomas Quit, Suniya H. Qureshi, Nicolette Robert, Christian Rovet, Danielle Saccente, Mahnoor Saeed, Emily, Megan Samuels, Michael W. Sanchez, Ashley Morgan Sardelli, Daniel Scardapane, John Thomas Schramm, Tevin D. Smith, Harold Thomas Sweezey IV, Edu L. Thelusmond, Burke Tomaselli, Derrick  James Ulrich, Lucas Vazquez, Christian Taylor Vitale, Rachel Alexandra Wilkinson, and Jenna Williams.

Photo: Ashley Aikhuele. From A to Z, senior students who receive Michael S. Curtin Citizenship Awards are the best. Satisfying strong academic criteria is a given. These outstanding students were nominated by one or more of their teachers because they stood out among others as demonstrating the characteristics one thinks of when identifying an individual as a good citizen.