Not a peep! Well, not egg-zactly….

While most classrooms were following the quiet rule of "No talking, not even a peep," one of Oakwood’s second-grade classes was doing just the opposite. Ms. Farkas's class was welcoming these "peeps"--- 23 yellow and brown fluffy ones to be exact.

Thanks to Makinajian Poultry Farms, an incubator and egg turner, and the patience of 22 students, Ms. Farkas was able to create the perfect environment for 24 fertilized eggs could develop, grow, and hatch.

From day one, the newly appointed “embryologists” learned just what was involved in the stages of becoming a chick and had hands-on experience as they watched their projects crack open before their eyes.

Ms. Farkas invited the whole school to watch along in anticipation through the use of a schoolwide webcam, wonderfully illustrated posters, and the official "Hatch Countdown" hanging outside of her room.

When the big day actually came and the first sign of hatching was spotted, the Oakwood family was very egg-cited about the new arrival and the 22 more that followed.

We want to thank Ms. Farkas for sharing this experience with all of Oakwood's students.