Maplewood Sister and Brother Take the Reigns

When their mother won the Principal of the Day raffle at a recent fundraiser to benefit outside-the-budget programs for Maplewood Intermediate School students, she may have unknowingly set a course for her third- and fourth-grade children. “Getting to see what Mr. Delia does is very special for me,” said Joseph Robert. Along with his sister Lily, he took over Mr. Delia’s desk. The duo quickly rolled up their sleeves and got to work. Lily expressed interest in teaching, and Joseph was most interested in his Principal of the Day experience. “Mr. Delia is very busy, and his job is fun,” said Lily. “I'm glad my mom won this raffle.” Future educators in the works? It may be too soon to tell, but we’re sure to hear more from these two motivated students.

Photo: Maplewood Principal Mr. Vito D’Elia, with Lily and Joseph Robert.