Walt Whitman National Honor Society Induction

On Monday evening, May 7th, 149 Juniors at Walt Whitman High School were inducted into the National Honor Society in a ceremony that celebrated their high scholastic standing, leadership qualities, superior character, and service to others. These students exemplify all of the qualities that the National Honor Society hold as fundamental. Congratulations to:

Cynthia Abad, Angela Acevedo, Elizabeth Aiello, Alice Antoniou, Cody Apollonia, Savannah, Aronson, Nikhil, Bartolomeo, Nicholas, Baumann, Kathryn Bellissimo, Shannon Berchem, Mitchell Bermudez, Mattia Biancamano, Brooke Bifulco, Kelly Bilodeau, Sean Bird, Casey, Blumberg, Marissa Booher, Sean Breen, Karen Brenseke, Kristina Brigati, Emily Brostowin, Saidi Burgos, Asha Burwell, Christopher Calamari, Jacqueline Calamari, Brianna Calby, Zachary Cammer, Danielle Canniff, Shavon Carbon, Emma Cary, Lingzhou Chen, Elsa Cheung, Thomas Chimenti, Fatimah Choudhary, Jonathan Clough, Vincent Colapinto, Frank Coleman, Brandon Conklin, Patrick Conlon, Sean Conlon, Courtney Cox, Jacqueline Crunden, Nicholas D Souza, Sarah Daquara, Jack De Palo, Samantha Delle, Matthew Del Signore, Jake, Delorenzo, Stephen Dybus, Kieran Elmore, Christopher Emproto, Kelly Eng, Nicole Eng, Patrick Farrell, Casey File, Emily Fisher, Kevin Forland, Florencia Forno, Robert Galvin, Jessica Garcia Vilorio, Joseph Gonzalez, Amelia Goodman, Rachel Guida, Brian Haggerty, Jonathan Heller, Chan Kang, Nicole Katz, Navita Khaira, Harry Kibirige, Alaina Kiesel, Lauren Kobel, Kitty Le Claire, Sixx Lisman, Matthew Lo Castro, Amanda Lund, Kate Mallinson,Jessica Malone, Kevin Manning, Sarah Marchesiello, Scott Martin, Christopher Mc Partland, Hayley Mena, Nicholas Mendez, Ricardo Mendoza, Sean Milanese, Casey Miller, Jayme Mintz, Jessica Mintz, Juan Moreno, Dylan Muhlstock, Ryan Muhlstock, Amanda Natale, Samantha Negron, Lindsey Nyman, Alexandra O Toole, Selena Ortiz, Eileen Panza, Isabelle Paolillo, Christina Peluso, Noelle Pilger, Giacomina Pirolo, Sophie Podhurst, Meghan Powers, Noreen Purcell, Aniqa Raihan, Erin Reich, Alexander Remstein, Sarah Riordan, Nikki Rodgers, Stephanie Romano, Anthony Sansotta, Stephanie Sawyer, Maclaine Scher, Eric Schmidt, Juliann Schneider, John Schramm, Noelle Senior, Bilal Shah, Dwayne Sherland, Antonio Silveri, Stephanie Simon, Jenna Siracusano, Allison Stango, Karla Thomas, Lindsy Tortorice, Alexis Trench, Sara Trimble, Emma Triolo, Blossom Ungurath, James Vallar, Steven Van Gostein, Janery Vasquez, Christopher Vital, Raquelle Viteri, KellyJane Watson, Victoria Weisser, Maya Williams, Brian Windisch, Nicholas Wurtz, Sung Yoon.


#1: Whitman’s juniors recite the National Honor Society Pledge as they are inducted. "

I pledge to maintain my high scholastic standing; to hold as fundamental and worthy an untarnished character; to endeavor intelligently and courageously to be a leader; and to give of myself freely in service to others.  In so doing, I shall prove myself worthy of a place in the National Honor society."

#2: Whitman’s National Honor Society Officers left to right: Co-Presidents Krysten Gonzalez and Matthew Potenza, Secretary Djenane Jean, and Treasure Emily Flynn perform the candle lighting ceremony.

#3: The inductees were introduced individually as they received their pins from Principal Acker. Here, Karla Thomas is all smiles.

#4: After receiving their pins and congratulations from Principal Acker, students signed the register book. Zach Cammer get his opportunity to leave his mark.

#5: Director Mr. Stephen Altinel, left, leads the Walt Whitman Chorale in an excelent performance.