Whitman Writers Excel in Contest

Resources for writers are everywhere, and for two young writers at Walt Whitman, a unique online source is allowing them to dig deep within and express themselves on the page. Figment.com is an online creative community where you can share your writing, connect with readers, and discover new stories and authors.  Writing contests on Figment.com caught the attention of Amanda Strigard and Melissa Somoza, two Whitman sophomores. 

“As a writer I become an architect: I create my own worlds, building them brick by brick following the blueprints of my imagination,” wrote Amanda Strigard in her winning piece.  “[My life] is influenced by other people--what they say and what they do. I write because I get to have control over something.”  

For Melissa Somoza, her English class at Whitman is her favorite part of the school day. “I love the discussions we get into, because when you're reading by yourself, you may not catch all the metaphors or symbolism the author is trying to convey. In our class discussions, many new things come out about what we’re reading that may have not been apparent at first.”  

Amanda’s winning story, titled “To Be or Not To Be” was selected as a winner and included in the "Why I Write" festival. Melissa’s winning essay, titled "Losing Myself in a World I Create," describes how and why she began to write. These talented aspiring writers have exciting futures ahead of them, and for now as sophomores, they will be taking them one chapter at a time.

Photo: left to right: Melissa Somoza, Principal Kathie Acker and Amanda Strigard.