Hi All,

As I am sure you have been following, tomorrow’s weather presents numerous question marks for our school community. As luck would have it, the predictions have the rain/snow line directly over our community, and the starting times spread uncomfortably throughout the day. With that said, we are going to monitor the forecasts through the night, with the hope that predictions get clearer and we are capable of making a more informed decision. However, there are numerous variables at play right now (and an equal number of opinions) that make the entire storm track and impact less than certain.

With that said, I would ask you all to review your early dismissal procedures at home to ensure that all is safe and sound, if that becomes the most prudent option. It is impossible to be certain at this time if a full day, early dismissal, or cancellation will be possible and/or necessary, but we felt it prudent to prepare for all eventualities.

Of course, we will monitor through the night and be in touch regarding the safest and most practical option.

Be well,

Dave Bennardo