Stimson Has A First Place Winner in the National French Contest

The results are in and Stimson Middle School Principal Ms. Faye Robins is proud to announce that sixteen of her students are winners in the National French Contest. Of special note is 8th grader Joonho Ko, who not only took first place for Suffolk County but took first place Nationally with a perfect score. The National French Contest/Le Grand Concours is an annual competition sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of French.

Stimson French teachers Dr. Marie-Geralde Eikenaar-Klang, and Ms. Stephanie Murphy are proud to congratulate the following students:

7th grade winners: Esteban Lopez 1st place Suffolk County, Christina Bogdani  2nd place Suffolk County, Shaina Silverman  2nd place (tied), Hannah Graff 3rd place, Neyda Diaz-Vilorio 6th place, Epiphany Ramirez 7th place , Melba Munoz 8th place, Steven Prestia 8th place (tied), Sean Duclay 10th place, Kathleen Dugan 9th place, and Cinthya Ramos 10th place.
8th grade winners: Joonho Ko 1st place Suffolk, and 1st place Nationally with a perfect score on his exam; Rose Pedretti 3rd place Suffolk, 4th Nationally; Gabrielle Ramirez 4th Suffolk, 5th Nationally; Verdelle Saint-Jean 5th Suffolk, 6th Nationally; and Francisco Fuentes Alegria 10th place Suffolk.


#1 Left to right standing: French teachers Ms. Stephanie Murphy, and Dr. Marie-Geralde Eikenaar-Klang, along with their winning 8th grade students.

#2 Standing on left, French teacher Ms. Stephanie Murphy, along with her winning 7th grade students.

#3 Stimson National French Champion 8th grader Joonho Ko and French teacher Ms. Stephanie Murphy.