The Walt Whitman Ambassador Club’s 2nd Annual Showcase of the Arts: “Through the Decades,” is tomorrow night, Tuesday, January 30th at 7 pm in Walt Whitman’s PAC! This student-run and inclusive variety show celebrate music, art and dance hits from the decades! We hope to see you there

The primary goal of the Ambassador program is for students to mentor students with significant disabilities, helping them to develop friendships and social skills while contributing to the school community.

These fine young men and women joined with their teachers to demonstrate the empathy, collective work, and human understanding that make our community so incredibly proud.

“The student ambassadors develop an understanding, empathy, and acceptance of their peers with disabilities,” said Ms. Corrine J. McLaughlin, a Special Education-Life Skills Teacher at Walt Whitman High School. We thank our Ambassadors and appreciate their efforts in exemplifying the very best of our South Huntington Schools.