Newsday Story Adds to the Confusion

As reported last Friday by Newsday, Long Island schools are to receive a new infusion of monies from the state. The paper then included a chart listing each school district and the percentage change in state aid that they were to receive. As with all financial information originating in Albany, the devil is in the details, and a good majority of the Newsday readership were under the impression that this was new funding that was being reported in the chart. This left readers in South Huntington with the impression that an additional $1.4 million was being added to the funding slated for the South Huntington School District.

What had transpired in Albany was that the Assembly and Senate proposed a significant reduction in the Governor’s competitive grant program. $200 million of the original $250 million competitive grant program would go directly to school districts, $90 million to Long Island.

So to set the record straight: Of the new $90 million in fresh aid slated for Long Island, the South Huntington School District will receive approximately $222,703.