9/11 Remembrance Ceremonies Begin Solemn Day


It is remarkable to note that despite the inevitable passing of time, the memory of September 11, 2001, remains emblazoned upon our minds. While each new year brings generations of children born after the attack, those of us who were alive on that fateful day will never forget the event that rocked our nation and forever transformed our modern way of life. We can be sure that over these next several days the news will be filled with stories aimed at recognizing the anniversary of 9–11. As in the past, our televisions and computer screens will undoubtedly flash images of the suffering and destruction that this unexpected attack brought to our nation's shores. This pain is an undeniable part of our country's history, and the harsh recollections will always remain ingrained upon our collective souls.  It is important, however, that we also remember the images of hope, strength, and cooperation that emerged from the ashes of both the Pentagon and Twin Towers, and unfolded in the sky over an isolated Pennsylvania field.  From unimaginable horror we saw unbelievable courage, as hundreds of first responders rushed into danger to save people whose names they didn't even know. We also watched community members line up to donate money, collect supplies and give blood and were inspired by the sight of school children from every race, religion, and background--holding hands and singing our National Anthem.  The simple reality is that in the hours, days, and weeks after 9-11, our people functioned as one, and were guided by the principles of freedom, unity, and strength that make our country strong. The truth is that the United States of America represents so much more than those who wish us harm can ever understand.  The USA is built upon the unwavering concept of freedom, and our people are at their very best when that sacred ideal is threatened.

So, as we recognize the anniversary of September 11, 2001, let's remember the heroism and ideals that became crystal clear in our country's hour of maximum need. Let's also take a moment to hug the ones we love, and give thanks for this great nation and wonderful community that makes us all so very proud.

Be Well and God Bless

Dave Bennardo