Marching Band Set for Another ‘Journey’

Our marching band members gather for a group photo.
It takes hard work and dedication to bring home a state championship. This year’s Marching Band has what it takes for another successful championship season.
Three members of the horn section keep the energy high.
Collectively they’re one big happy family, on and off the field.
The Color Guard and their colorful flags and uniforms always add a special element to the show.
The Color Guard is coming off of a championship season themselves and will be fun to watch this year.

“This was our best Band Camp Showcase ever,” said Band Co-Director Dennis Pettas, who, along with Caitlyn Coumatos, is looking forward to the upcoming year. Last season's state championships have been a good recruitment tool as more than twenty new students have joined this year. “I’m particularly proud of these new members as they have contributed their own hard work and dedication,” added Pettas.  “They have been embraced by the experienced students and together, have created one big happy family.”

The 63-member band comprises students from 8th to 12th grades and will be the featured half-time performance for the Wildcats at the September 16th football game at 6 PM on the turf field. You can also catch the band on Saturday, September 9th, at 11 AM in the Huntington Awareness Parade that marches down Oakwood Road.  “We want to keep building on our success, not only for our indoor color guard championship but our Marching Band Championship as well,” concluded Pettas. “Those State Championships are a great payoff to the amount of hard work these kids put in.”

The band's performance for the 2017-18 season is titled: Question the Journey Through Curiosity. For additional information about band happenings, check out the band parent association website at:

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