Fourth of July Message from Superintendent Bennardo


I want to take a moment to wish the members of our school community a very happy, healthy Fourth of July celebration. Independence Day is a unique holiday because it accentuates our national identity and reflects the very essence of our American values and traditions. Regardless of one's background or place of origin, we are all bound by the values of democracy, freedom, and opportunity that were pledged with sacred honor in 1776. While there is no question that the complete realization of the words embodied in the Declaration of Independence is a daily work in progress, the United States of America still remains the greatest hope for humanity on the face of the earth. Although our open debate and passionate disagreements might appear to be signals of weakness, they are, in fact, the clearest signs that the revolutionary concept considered by the Continental Congress is alive and well at the core of our democracy. Those who understand our country realize that the right to passionately express opinions and vociferously exchange diverse ideas is, in fact, the blessing that makes us fundamentally American. The American Revolution provided us the right to constant, robust evolution and in doing so, ensured the steady progress and growth of our people and values throughout the generations.

As we settle into our picnics and barbecues this week, let's take a moment to reflect upon the gifts that American freedom and democracy bring to our families. Let's pause for just a second and think about all we have become, and all we will be, because of the courage exhibited in 1776 by courageous patriots at Independence Hall. The days ahead promise great things for our country, and South Huntington will continue to lead the way by demonstrating that common goals, civil discourse, and positive energy can produce unprecedented results.

Have a wonderful Fourth of July celebration and please be well.

Dave Bennardo

Superintendent of Schools