Miller is a Greentree Graduate

Silas Wood teacher Natalie Miller graduates from the Greentree Foundation’s integrated ecological scientific principles through teaching outdoors.
Natalie Miller is congratulated by Peter Walsh Greentree Education Director (right) and Richard Schaffer, Board Member of Greentree Foundation.

This past year Silas Wood teacher Natalie Miller had the most incredible experience being part of the educational classes given through the Greentree Foundation. This yearlong program taught teachers how to take a step out of the classroom and integrate ecological scientific principles through teaching outdoors. Teachers learned through hands-on training and benefited from the expertise of some of Long Island's best professors and ecologists. The program was a week long, starting last July and then periodically meeting throughout the school year. The educators that participated were very impressed by the beauty of the grounds, the thoughtful lessons that integrated Next Generation Science Standards, the variety of educational materials that were provided for each educator, and even the exquisite meals created daily by an in-house chef. Natalie's hope is to educate teachers about the program. Graduation was held June 15th, and Natalie feels very blessed to be afforded such a life-changing experience.