Whitman Student’s to Begin Summer Research

Whitman student’s ready to begin summer research projects at various hospitals and research facilities.
It’s the first day of summer but we managed to get some of our summer research students, along with their teachers and STEM Coach together for a quick photo. Left to right front: George Link, Amna Khwaja, and Ashar Farooq. Back row l-r: Science Department Chairperson Marcus Maddy, Liam Rea, Shaan Khan, Science teacher Fred Feraco, and South Huntington’s STEM coach Ms. Mari Scardapane.

A good number of Whitman student’s will begin summer research projects at Mount Sinai, Brookhaven National Lab, Farmingdale University and Stony Brook University this summer.

Rising 10th grader Alina Naseer has been accepted to Brookhaven National Laboratory's highly competitive STEM Summer Institute.  For 4 weeks this summer, Alina will work with BNL researchers to explore topics in physics, biology, energy, engineering, scientific computing and environmental science, culminating in a poster presentation at Brookhaven at the end of the summer. 

Rising 10th grader Subhana Zafar has been selected for an internship at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai this summer, working with researchers to investigate environmental factors that impact cancer rates. The internship has a unique public outreach component, and Subhana's experience over the last two years as an intern in the offices of the Huntington Breast Care Action Coalition (HBCAC) has uniquely prepared her for this. Subhana currently participates in Fred Feraco's research class. 

Rising 11th grader Camilo Vazquez will be doing research on galaxy clusters with Farmingdale University Astrophysicist Dr. Edmond Douglass.

In addition, the following students are working throughout the summer with Dr. Teng from Stony Brook University, using “Big Data” to conduct research on deep learning: Heather Abbene, Stephanie Ross, Nyara Choudhury, George Link, Liam Rea, Amna Khwaja, Shaan Khan, Ashar Farooq and Stephen Hong.