Gold Key & Sports Scholarship Class of 2017

Walt Whitman athletes are honored at the end-of-year awards dinner.
The Gold Key Award is the highest honor in Section XI that an athlete can receive for sports participation.
Wildcat Booster Club Scholarship winners are honored at the end-of-year awards dinner.
Wildcat Booster Club Scholarship winners are chosen by committee. There is no application for these scholarships. All of our scholarship winners possess exceptional character and have good academic achievement.

The prestigious Gold Key awards were presented on Tuesday evening, June 6th at the annual Booster Club/South Huntington Gold Key Scholarship and Sports Hall of Fame dinner. This award goes to student athletes who have demonstrated outstanding athletic participation by lettering in a combination of eight Junior Varsity or Varsity seasons in grades 10-12 at WWHS. Recipients are determined by Section XI rules and do not have any membership requirement. A Gold Key Charm necklace, an award plaque and $100 scholarship were presented by the Wildcat Booster Club in recognition of this honor.

Introducing the Class of 2017 Gold Key Recipients: Alivia Barton, Christina Bogdani, Jonathan Brigati, Zachary Bruno, Steven Ciravolo, Christian Corbett, John Creeron, Alexa Delcolle, Kathleen Dugan, Jon Eichner, Camilee Getchell, Michael Giarrizzo, Matthew Harrigan, Richard Hauser, Matthew Havekotte, Andrew Martin, Joseph Mendoza, Benjamin Nace, Thomas Nicolino, Vincent Pastore, Olivia Poplawski, Lauren Ragone, Melissa Triolo, and Shelbi Wuss.

These impressive athletes were also joined by our 2017 Booster Club Scholarship winners who have distinguished themselves in a variety of successful athletic, leadership, and academic endeavors.  Congratulations to: Alexa Delcolle, Lauren Ragone, Matt Harrigan, Shelby Wuss, Angelique Auriemma, Christina Bogdani, Christian Corbett, Emily Dickson, Sarah Glaser, Megan O’Donnell, Victoria Thurer, Melissa Triolo, Ally Wirth, Marcus Zaiff, and Paige Tortorice.

The Athletic Director’s Scholarships is chosen by the Athletic Director and is funded by the Wildcat Booster Club. Membership is not required. Additional scholarships presented at the dinner are awarded by organizations including, the Gionuzzi Family for The Luke Avolese Memorial Football Scholarship, The WWHS Football Alumni Association, HBC Soccer Program and the Town of Huntington Softball Hall of Fame.  Congratulations to: Joe Bradbury and Taylor Epstein for the Athletic Director’s Award sponsored by the Wildcat Booster Club; Derek DiLorenzo and Thomas DiLorenzo for the Luke Avolese Football Scholarship; Vincent Pastore for the WWHS Alumni Football Scholarship; Blake Aronson and Alexa DelColle for the HBC Soccer Scholarship; and Melissa Triolo for the Town of Huntington Softball Hall of Fame Scholarship.