They’re Tops in Academics, Music, the Arts, Athletics, Vocational Skills and Citizenship.

Scholarship recipients help out with the pulling of winning tickets for the popular 50/50 raffle.
Scholarship recipients help out with the pulling of winning tickets for the popular 50/50 raffle.

This week, the South Huntington Council of PTA’s awarded scholarships and achievement awards to over 50 exceptional Walt Whitman HS seniors.  These students embody the best qualities of our student body and represent the best our community has to offer.   They are tops in academics, music and the arts, athletics, vocational skills and citizenship, and we are proud to offer them these scholarships and awards in recognition of their outstanding work.  Congratulations to all of our recipients!

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PTA Scholarship Recipients:

Council Academic Scholars:  Shelbi Wuss, Karthikeyan Mayilvahanan, Ilana Desmond, Christina Bogdani, Jordan Roiland, Gabriella Cipriano, Taylor Epstein, Amy Chan, Omar Ramos, and Paige Tortorice.

Council Athletics (Male):  Luidji Dormeus

Council Athletics (Female): Casey McKenna

Council Citizenship:  Anastasia Alpy, Emily Ferrante, Felicia Flammia, Richard Hauser, Andrew Martin, Kelsey Mc Donald, Shannon Mc Hale, Ben Nace, Epiphany Ramirez, Christian Rozenveld, and Faiza Tariq.

ELL: Katya Osorto Rivas

Environment: William Burton

Fine Arts: Nicole De Martino

Performance Art: Taninna Oukacine

Vocational in honor of Robert J. Flathmann Jr.: David Figueroa

Award in honor of Howard Kauf: Brian Louis

Award in honor of George Leitl: Sophie Markell

Award in honor of Jane Martin: Natalie Hayes


2017 Individual Unit Awards:

Countrywood Primary PTA:

Award in honor of Dr. Emily Rodgers: Serena Halajian

Award in honor of Frank Zauner: Jon Eichner

Oakwood Primary PTA:

Award in honor of Paul Lyle: Lauren Ragone

Award in honor of Sheila Montague: Julia Chimenti

Birchwood Intermediate PTA:

Award in honor of Fran Hyde: Alexa Delcolle

Award in honor of John Smith: Ryan Herley

Maplewood Intermediate PTA:

Award in honor of Andrew Garafalo: Mark Hustedt

Award in honor of Hal Roemer: Michael Giarrizzo

Award in honor of Howard B. Link: Grace Williams

Silas Wood/Stimson M.S. PTA:

PTA Scholarship Awards: Angelique Auriemma and Deja Tejada

Award in honor of Paul O’Brien: Dylan Diamond

SEPTA: Special Education Award: David Sparling

Walt Whitman H.S. PTA:

Athletic: Christian Corbett and Melissa Triolo

Fine Arts: Katlyn Donahue and James Reilly

Performance Art: Steven Prestia

Special Education: Taidgh Dunne

Vocational: Trevor Aucone

Business: Lauren Civello

ELL: Geysel Ramos Vasquez

English: Laura Altieri

Social Sciences: Melissa Shaiman

STEM: Payal Multani

Thank you to our South Huntington Council of PTAs:


President       Eleanora Ferrante

First Vice President   Anne Napolitano

Second Vice President          Lori Pirozzi

Third Vice President Melinda Long

Recording Secretary Laura Palmieri

Corresponding Secretary     Caitlin Cusack

Treasurer       Laurie Ross

Past President           Dominic Le Claire

Unit Presidents

Countrywood Primary          Melanie O’Reilly

Oakwood Primary     Dayna Cioffi

Birchwood Intermediate      Jennifer Lang

Maplewood Intermediate    Melinda Long

Silas Wood/Stimson M.S.      Michelle Murphy

Walt Whitman H.S.    Regina Caliendo

SEPTA Thomas Dougherty