Quick Thinking Saves the Day

Brave students Melvin and Jose are congratulated.
Whitman Assistant Principal Dr. Scott Muller, left, and teacher Mr. Capizanno congratulate their two quick thinking students (l-r) Melvin Ochoa Amaya and Jose Velasquez Galeano.

First-year WWHS students Melvin Ochoa Amaya and Jose Velasquez Galeano demonstrated composure and heroism while coming to the aid of one of their classmates who was experiencing a seizure during class. Without hesitation, these two young men assisted their teacher, and later the nurse in aiding their classmate. They moved the surrounding desks and cushioned their classmate’s head as to prevent further injury. They also assisted in putting the student on his side - as instructed. Melvin and Jose remained by their classmate and comforted him throughout the ordeal. Furthermore, they cooperated with the First Responders upon arrival. While many others would naturally succumb to fear and panic when faced with such circumstances, these two young men showed poise and bravery throughout. 

Way to Go Melvin and Jose!