French Poetry Winners @ Whitman

French teacher presents the winners of the French Poetry Contest
French teacher Dr. Geralde Eikenaar proudly presents the winners of the French Poetry Contest, l-r: Lauren Gotard, Iza Choudrey, and Gabrielle Girard. Principal John Murphy stopped in to offer his congratulations.

Of the students who participated in the American Association of Teachers of French Poetry Competition, three freshmen came away with awards. Congratulations to Lauren Gotard, who wrote an original poem in French; and Iza Choudrey and Gabrielle Girard who both recited a poem, written by French poets. The results are as follows:

Level 2

Category: Original Poetry

Lauren Gotard: Honorable Mention

Poem: Le textile de la Terre, de Lauren Gotard

Category: Recitation

Iza Choudrey: Honorable Mention

Poem: Les vins des amants, de Charles Baudelaire

Gabrielle Girard: First Place

Poem: Le Cancre, de Jacques Prévert