Principal's List Celebrated

Students who were in attendance for 2017 Principal‘s List Awards Ceremony.
Students who were in attendance for 2017 Principal‘s List Awards Ceremony.

At the recent Board of Education meeting, as members of the community voted in their annual school budget and BOE elections in the South Gymnasium, many of Walt Whitman’s smartest students were across the hall in the Performing Arts Center being acknowledged for having achieved a 3.5 year cumulative average of 95 or better. It’s the Principal’s List awards, where each student is brought up in front of classmates, family, and friends, a brief bio is read about his or her accomplishments and camera flashes abound. Eighty-seven seniors were awarded certificates for their accomplishments.  The honorees names are placed on a plaque that will be displayed on the walls of Whitman for years to come.

Congratulations to the following students:

Valedictorian – Shelbi Lynn Wuss

Salutatorian – Karthikeyan Mayilvahanan

Sindy Alfaro Ortez, Anastasia M. Alpy, Lila A. Amin, Alivia Ruth Barton, Thomas Blackall, Emily Leah Blank, Christina Bogdani, Matthew R. Bromschwig, Emanuel John Campo, Amy Chan, Gabriella Cipriano, Steven Louis Ciravolo, Alexander J. Clopper, Emma Ciara Coleman, Christian Corbett, Alexis C. Cummings, Marc A. DePasquale, Ilana Brooke Desmond, Joshua A. Devaraj, Dylan Hunter Diamond, Neyda Jacquelin Diaz-Vilorio, Kathleen Rose Dugan, Taylor J. Epstein, Emily C. Ferrante, Hanna Michele Fink, Camilee-Ann Getchell, Michael Anthony Giarrizzo, Serena Marie Halajian, Elizabeth Jean Hardwick, Samuel S. Hoffman, Mark Wilhelm Hustedt, Matthew David Jacobsen, Hasan Khan, Melissa Chelsi Konakli, Abdjine Lemaitre, Casey Elizabeth Leonick, Jillian R. Leydon, Katherine Elizabeth LoNigro, Esteban Lopez, Kelsey R. McDonald, Shannon E. McHale, Casey Elizabeth McKenna, Sarena Madeline Mary McManus, Jeanine Rose McNulty, Mark Theodore Castro Meneses, Nicholas Miata, Michael Morck, Benjamin Reuben Nace, Gabrielle M. Nardelli, Thomas Anthony Nicolino, Meagan Mary O'Donnell, Taninna Oukacine, Brooke Alexis Pagano, Sarah E. Panza, Jessica Hema Persaud, Olivia Paige Poplawski, Kristina M. Pray, Steven Michael Prestia, Lauren Frances Ragone, Epiphany G. Ramirez, Omar Amadís Ramos, Danielle M. Raynor, James Timothy Reilly, Isaac Renderos, Antoinette Christine Riehl, Anna Ruth Rizzo, Jordan Matthew Roiland, Samantha Ruotolo, Jared O. Saget, Melissa Erin Shaiman, Rachel Nicole Shapiro, Shaina Joy Silverman, Kayla Ann Soulias, Madalyn Rose Tallo, Deja A. Tejada, Victoria Rose Thurer, Caroline Regale Tomaselli, Paige Tortorice, Melissa Kay Triolo, Justin Manu Ullman, Leanna J. Vergis, Danielle Wechsler, Alexandra Marie Wirth, Jessica Young, and Marcus Zaiff.

Each student photographed at the Principal's Awards Ceremony will receive a photo print in their Graduation packet on June 24th. Photos may also be downloaded from the district website.

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