Wow! Who Knew?

A photo composite of Julia Iovino competing at the North Atlantic Regional competition.
A photo composite of Julia Iovino competing at the North Atlantic Regional competition.

Julia Iovino, a Whitman junior, began skating when she was 8 years old by taking group lessons at the Dix Hill skating rink. By the end of that year she had become enamored with the sport and started taking private figure skating lessons. Fast forward 8 years and Julia is a competitive skater with strong dedication, who has achievements at both the State and Regional levels.

Julia trains on the ice 5-6 days a week. She arrives at the rink at 5am and trains for 2-3 hours. Her weekly off-ice training consists of jump and spin clinics, Pilate’s classes, cardio classes, as well as strength and agility training. Summer training is even more intensive with increased hours on the ice and a week of training camp in the Lake Placid Olympic Arena.

Julia has passed all levels of the U.S. Figure Skating Association’s skills tests and is now a USFSA double gold medalist. This skill level is only achieved by approximately 3% of members countrywide each year.

Julia’s hard work and dedication resulted in her placing 6th in the North Atlantic Region as a senior level skater in October 2016. In February of 2017 she competed at the Empire State Winter Games achieving a 2nd place medal and earning her place at the State Games of America in Michigan, August 2017.

Julia is constantly setting new goals and remains highly competitive in a sport that is dominated by children who train full time and receive home schooling. This was never an option for Julia, as she is equally as dedicated to her education. She is currently enrolled in both honors and AP classes and has remained an honor roll student. Balancing both is tough and at times exhausting but Julia is determined to complete both her High School years at Whitman and her competitive skating career at the top of her game.

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