Geography Bee Winner Heads to States

Principal Steve Toto and teacher Dr. Gay Bullock congratulate Marcus Zagorski.
Principal Steve Toto and teacher Dr. Gay Bullock congratulate Marcus Zagorski.

Quick Question: For what purpose do people in Mongolia and other regions of Central Asia use yurts? Don’t know? Then try this one: In 1652, the Dutch established which African port as a supply post for ships bound for Asia?

If you don’t know the answers to the above questions off the top of your head, don’t feel bad. Not many people do. There is one sixth-grader at Silas Wood who does. His name is Marcus Zagorski and he will be heading up to the New York State National Geography Bee in Albany on Friday, March 31st to compete in the 2017 New York State National Geographic Bee. Each year thousands of schools in the United States participate in the National Geographic Bee using materials prepared by the National Geographic Society.

 “The questions Marcus successfully answered were in a competitive setting at first, and then in the second round, they were timed questions,” said teacher Dr. Gay Bullock. “Marcus has an awesome understanding of the world and he’s filled with geographic information that most people don’t take the time to know.”

“When I was about five my dad got me a globe, and I always liked exploring the different land masses,” said Marcus, reflecting back to when his geographic interests began. “My mom is from the Czech Republic, so interest in other lands has always been important to me.”

Marcus had won Geography Bees while a student at Maplewood so it’s not surprising that he should continue that success. “It feels great to know that I will be competing at the state level.