Countrywood PARP...Above and Beyond

Countrywood's very own YouTube sensation Mrs. Bertolino has a great feature you will all love…. Check it out!
Countrywood's very own YouTube sensation Mrs. Bertolino has a great feature you will all love…. Check it out!

The Countrywood PTA wound down their annual Pick a Reading Partner (PARP) program today, Friday February 3rd. PARP is a statewide program sponsored by the NYS PTA with the goal of inspiring Parents and Reading Partners to read together with their children for at least 15 minutes daily. The purpose of this special Countrywood PTA PARP Blog is to share with Parents and Reading Partners useful resource information and fun ideas to get the most out of this experience. Happy reading!

Make sure you check out a very special part of our PARP Program where Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Bertolino has her own reading YouTube channel and with the stroke of a button, she can be reading to your child, anytime and anywhere.

Frequently Asked Questions with Mrs. Bertolino!

What prompted me to start my own YouTube channel?

As a kindergarten teacher, I am acutely aware that all children need to be read to! Reading to them exposes children to new ideas, while developing their imaginations and improving their comprehension and listening skills.


How do I select which books to read?

My own students have vetted all the books. That means they have been read to them many times and always elicit a strong positive response. Quite often, the whole class will spontaneously applaud at the conclusion of a book, reminding me that this story truly had an impact.

What do I hope my students receive?

Love of reading, of course! Technology is a tremendous part of their lives and I love the idea of using it to offer them the more personal experience of being read.

What do I hope my students’ parents receive?

Peace of mind. My channel offers an alternative to reading to their child when they have to work late or attend to other essentials in the evening. Many child psychologists encourage a regular wind-down activity as part of a consistent going-to-bed routine and story time is always at the top of the list of suggestions.

What advice do I offer parents about reading with their children on a regular basis? Do it! Do it as often as you can. Not only is it a great way to boost their learning potential, encourage their love of reading, and increase their comprehension, it’s also a wonderful way to grab a few quiet moments together away from the stresses of the day.