The Bright Lights of Stimson

Stimson Principal Mr. Edwin Smith (left) congratulates his award-winning Social Studies teacher.
Stimson Principal Mr. Edwin Smith (left) congratulates his award-winning Social Studies teacher.

The Annual ASSET Awards Luncheon was held this past Thursday, January 19th, and Stimson Social Studies teacher Mr. Brian Thomas was recognized with their "Bright Light Award" as an outstanding educator for his use of technology in the classroom.  “I have integrated technology by using the Chromebook and various Google apps for Education. The students really love KAHOOT for review games, and Quizlet is a big help for many students,” said Mr. Thomas.  “My Students love using the Chromebooks to create Google slide presentations because it allows them to use the millions of resources on line for images and information.”

“Mr. Thomas is an innovative educator that effectively uses instructional technology to enhance his lessons and engage his students in meaningful learning.  At Stimson, he can be relied on to facilitate professional development sessions focused on the use of technology within the classroom,” said Stimson Principal Mr. Edwin Smith.

“His classroom continues to be an example of how technology can profoundly impact the engagement of students and their ability to learn.  Congratulations Mr. Thomas on receiving this well-deserved award!” 

The Suffolk ASSET organization is a group dedicated to enhancing teaching and learning in Suffolk County school districts through the use of computers and other educational technologies by encouraging the integration of technology into the K-12 curriculum and ensuring that our students are provided with the educational opportunities necessary to prepare them for the 21st Century.

“This award means a lot to me because it reinforces what I really already knew that this District really supports and encourages the use of new technologies and ideas used by teachers and is 100% behind them in whatever they try to do,” added Mr. Thomas.

We congratulate Mr. Thomas on his ASSET Bright Light award.