We wish to congratulate our December Students of the Month from Walt Whitman High School. These talented individuals have distinguished themselves in academic classes, earning the praise of the teachers and administrators alike. Our Students of the Month have successfully demonstrated the ability to juggle demands of increased academic standards, while simultaneously participating in numerous co-curricular endeavors. We congratulate all of our winners, as well as the teachers and dedicated parents who have contributed to their success.

December Students of the Month:

ART: Nicholas King, Danielle Mattila, Hasna Naseer, Christina Weiler

SCIENCE: Daniel Beltran, Genesis Cisneros Rivas, Desiree Kleberg, Karthikeyan Mayilvahanan

BUSINESS/HOME & CAREERS: Christopher Adams, Ira Squires, Even Villarreal, Fiona Witt

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Leatrice Brown, Brandon Corbin, Gianni Inglese, Paige Maier

ENGLISH: Tafazzul Hussain, Shannon McHale, Charles Nostrand, Jackson Zaiff

SOCIAL STUDIES: Michael Bronson, Lourdes Coto, Emma Graff, Katherine Lo Nigro

MATHEMATICS: Katie Batkin, Nimra Khan, Aleeza Marghub, Casey Mc Kenna

WORLD LANGUAGES: Lauren Gotard, Leydi Hernandez-Fernandez, Meghan Italo, Alexandra Sherry

MUSIC: Siam Ahmed, Keara Benson, Taylor Greco, and Jake Salerno.