Veterans Day Salute


The members of our South Huntington community would like to wish all those who serve or have served our country a very happy Veterans Day.

November 11th represents a unique time in our country as it allows us to momentarily put aside our immediate concerns and divides and pay tribute to our nation's Veterans and active service men and women. Veterans Day serves as a critical reminder that generations of brave individuals have selflessly sacrificed their time and treasure to protect our families and defend the individual and collective liberty that we all enjoy. Regardless of our backgrounds or beliefs, there is something humbling in knowing that for nearly 250 years, the bravest of our countrymen have answered the solemn call to defend our way of life in our nation's hours of maximum need.

The South Huntington community joins in keeping the dedicated men and women who wear our nation's uniform in our collective thoughts during this special week.

Be well,

Dave Bennardo