Preparing for Sweetbriar

Meeting a Red Tail Hawk up close is always a memorable experience.
Meeting a Red Tail Hawk up close is always a memorable experience.

Welcome to October. First grade classes at Oakwood will visit The Sweetbriar Nature Preserve in Smithtown this fall. 

In the woodlands, they will observe the deciduous and evergreen trees and listen to blue jays and woodpeckers.  In the sunny meadow, they get to see butterflies and bees enjoying the last of the milkweed and the black-eyed Susans. 

Since Sweetbriar is a refuge for wounded animals, our eager first-graders will also see eagles, hawks, and owls that are being cared for by the Sweetbriar staff.  It will be a wonderful experience to see these magnificent birds up close.

In the reptile room, they will get to compare and contrast the attributes of a box turtle and a painted turtle.  They may also get the opportunity to gently touch the resident corn snake.  In the mammal room, they will meet a rabbit and an opossum and discuss ways that they are similar and different from human beings.

Our Oakwood first-graders are preparing for their trip by reading, writing, illustrating, and discussing ways that mammals and reptiles are similar and different, by learning the attributes of birds and butterflies, and by practicing how to walk quietly through the woods.

They look forward to an enjoyable and educational visit to the Sweetbriar Preserve and to “adopting” a Sweetbriar animal and contributing to its care.