Smart is Just the Beginning


At the May 17th Board of Education meeting, as members of the community voted in their annual school budget and BOE elections in the South Gymnasium, many of Walt Whitman’s smartest students were across the hall in the Performing Arts Center being acknowledged for having achieved a 3.5 year cumulative average of 95 or better. It’s the Principal’s List awards, where each student is brought up in front of classmates, family, and friends, a brief bio is read about his or her accomplishments and camera flashes abound. Seventy seniors were awarded certificates for their accomplishments.  The honorees names are placed on a plaque that will be displayed on the walls of Whitman for years to come.

Congratulations to the following exceptional students:

Class of 2016

Valedictorian – Misha Patel

Salutatorian –Gabrielle Luz Ramirez

Valerie R. Abbene, Catherine Aiello, Thibaud M. Antoniou, Rory R. Apollonia, Jason A. Argeseanu, Jessica Noelle Bansbach, Waris Nabi Barakzai, Keya Sophia Bartolomeo, Sonia Isabella Bartolomeo, Hans Andru Millan Bas, Kimberly Amanda Bellissimo, Jacob Adam Bronson, Joseph Buckshaw IV, Nicholas E. De Blasio, Julia Paige Drum, Ahmad A. Ejaz, Joseph J. Esposito, Dillon Jay Feinman, Theodore Marcus Fisher, Taylor Fox, Francisco J. Fuentes Alegria, Colin Michael Gilmartin, Alec R. Gonzalez, Shayna Alexis Greene, David A. Grey, David Charles Hamilton VI, Gleisy Jaramillo Cardona, Ariel C. Khatchatourian, Joonho Ko, Camila Maria Korobow, Derek Matthew Lap, Millicent Love Le Claire, Alicia D. Litt, Christina M. Lofaso, Michael Anthony Lorello, Cheyenne Isabella Madrid, Hamza Mahmood, Douglas Jay Marr, Avery Mc Kenzie, Twary  K. Mc Kenzie, Amanda M. Moletz, Ellysandra L. Monegro, Jesse Marie Morra, Anali T. Nanavati, Michelle C. Nardelli, Nicole Nancy Naughton, Zannia Lalee Ojibe, Zenab Chisom Ojibe, Melanie Hannah Olinsky, Diana Paulina Ortega, Julianna Rose Pasquarello, Rose M. Pedretti, Margaret Pigliacelli, Johann Moisés Renderos, Julianna Kendall Richter, Claudia Cristina Rodriguez Gutierrez, Verdelle B. Saint-Jean, Nicole Samba, Christopher J. Senecal, Colin C. Sherland, Colleen Elizabeth Sweezey, Kiran M. Usmani, Lauren M. Vocke, Joseph Michael Weindling, Ashley Nicole Weisser, Thao Philomena Rose Williams, Skyler Jean Zenie, and Tyler A. Zeoli.

Each student photographed at the Principal's Awards Ceremony will receive a photo print in their Graduation packet on June 25th. Photo may also be downloaded from the slideshow on the district website.