2016 Valedictorian Announced

“We have a great school community at Whitman” – Misha Patel
“We have a great school community at Whitman” – Misha Patel

Congratulations to the 2016 Walt Whitman Valedictorian Misha Patel. Working hard at everything she does has always been characteristic of Misha.  From as early as she can remember, her parent’s strong work ethic, coupled with passionate teachers’ have been strong influences. “This award is a real honor and important because it’s a good representation of how hard I’ve worked,” said Misha.

But it’s not all academia for this high-achieving senior.  Misha is an award-winning DECA officer, as well as an officer in Mathletes. She also plays varsity tennis and badminton. “What I like about sports is that I have to work really hard to do well. Academically I work hard too, but the understanding comes naturally. With sports when I work hard at something that doesn’t come naturally, and I see the results, that’s the reason why I like sports.”

Misha is undecided where she will attend college next fall, but a couple things are definite. “I would like to major in engineering or computer science,” said our soft-spoken Wind Ensemble Flutist.  “But no matter where I attend, I will make the most of my opportunities.”

While not committing to what her top college choices are, we do know that Misha’s been accepted into several of them already and will be visiting their campuses to see which one has the best fit.

“We have a great school community at Whitman,” answered Misha when asked about what she likes best about her high school years. “I’ve made great friends both with fellow students and teachers, all the events and everything we do as a school bonds everyone together.”