Calling All 10-16 Year Olds


Are you ready to rock?  This revamped version of music appreciation provides an opportunity for kids to experience playing music in a live rock band under the guidance and support of professional musicians.  Participants will learn a playlist of songs from various artists including Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Bon Jovi and The Beatles!  Instructors will explain the history and influence of rock and roll; this genre of music has inspired some of the greatest hit creations kids love and listen to everyday.  Participants will learn a set list to perform a mini showcase to highlight what they have learned at the end of the course in early May.  This course has very specific requirements, which are listed below, please read thoroughly before signing up. To register or for additional info please call (631) 812-3110 or email: 

This class is only for children/teens enrolled in grades 5-9 (10 – 16 years of age)

We will need a specific number of instrumentalists to form the band.  If participants are skilled in more than one instrument, then please prioritize the instrument of your choice on the form.  Note: If you play more than one instrument and your preferred instrument slot is filled, then we will try to fulfill your second or third choice.

Percussion/Drums: 1-3 participants

Bass Guitar: 1-3 participants

Guitar:  1-3 participants

Keyboard: 1-3 participants

Vocals: 1-3 participants



•Participant should be at an intermediate or advanced skill level in one or more of the instruments.

•Participants have access to/or own their instrument of choice to bring to class and practice.


Instructors: Robby Deitz and

Vinny Muscarella

Fee: $120.00

5:30 – 7:30 pm WEDNESDAYS 8 SESSIONS

Classes start on March 9