Hi All:


I hope all is well. We wanted to take a moment and apprise you of a situation that was brought to our attention early this afternoon. It has been reported that at approximately 3:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon, Monday, February 29, 2016, a Stimson Middle School student was approached by a white male in a dark-colored SUV while she waited at the bus stop to pick up her brother in the vicinity of Foxwood Drive East and Clifford. The young lady reports that the individual in this SUV made an inappropriate comment in her direction before driving off. The family reported these comments to the Suffolk County Police, who are actively investigating the incident.


We have been in contact with the police this afternoon, and they assured us that officers are looking into the situation and keeping an active presence in the areas. We are sharing this information so our families are aware of the reported incident and can speak with their children regarding stranger danger and the necessity of reporting uncomfortable or inappropriate situations. Additionally, our administrative team will increase their presence in these areas during the pre- and post-school hours while we await further information from the police.


Be well,


Dave Bennardo