We wish to congratulate our November Students of the Month from Walt Whitman High School. These talented individuals have distinguished themselves in academic classes, earning the praise of the teachers and administrators alike. Our Students of the Month have successfully demonstrated the ability to juggle demands of increased academic standards, while simultaneously participating in numerous co-curricular endeavors. We congratulate all of our winners, as well as the teachers and dedicated parents who have contributed to their success. 


ART: Lindsay Bayley, Roy Harel, Wendy Lopez, Jordan Roiland.

SCIENCE: Keeyse Aparicio Morales, Alyssa Christiansen, Gianna Della Vedova, Jeferson Saravia Garcia.

BUSINESS/HOME & CAREERS: Sarine Kabarajian, Maelyn Latko, Nadia Lubrano, Taninna Oukacine.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Emily Ferrante, Rose Pedretti, Cinthya Ramos, Vishal Rattu.

ENGLISH: Keeyse Aparicio Morales, Dayana Fuentes, Ally Gottesman, Darwin Quintanilla.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Michael Baranowski, Julia Fisch, Laura Grajales, Laura Grajales, Geysel Ramos Vasquez.

MATHEMATICS: Jennifer Gomez, Shaan Khan, Leydes Reyes Fuentes, Danielle Silverman.

WORLD LANGUAGES: Jennifer Duclay, Katherine Lo Nigro, Rachel Vaughan, Lauren Vocke.

MUSIC: Sonia Bartolomeo, Sofia Cruz Gomez, Jessica Menditto, Megan Neuman.

ATHLETES OF THE MONTH: Whitman Hernandez Fernandez - Soccer and Emma Kongevold – Volleyball