Got Blood!


Walt Whitman’s Senior Class Advisor Diane Langhorst-Zamow is happy to report that the Fall Blood Drive, run by the senior class and the New York Blood Center, looks like an overwhelming success.  30 Blood drive captains, listed below, registered over one hundred-sixty students, for what could be a new donation record. It’s a busy day in the South Gymnasium.

The captains played a crucial role in helping collect blood and save lives. The captains provided care, attention, and assistance to the many dedicated blood donors who rolled up their sleeves to give life. The donors gave generously of themselves and helped save lives in the New York area.

Many thanks to everyone who made this event such a success! Captains: Kimberly Argueta, Pascale Barreau, Elizabeth Barrios, Marguerite Bonhomme, Julia Canigiana, Juan Gonzalez Contreras, Sabrina Greenberg, Lauren Groser, Sarah Horan, Emma Kongevold, Corinna Lambraia, Zachary Lanz, Millicent Le Claire, Rumeysa Mete, Candise Maldonado, Michelle Nardelli, Melanie Olinsky, Diana  Ortega, Julianna Pasquarello, CJ Pasterak, Rose Pedretti, Emily Petrone, Daniel Reyes, Giselle Romero, Umaimah Saleemi, Jason Saslaw, Sudhakar Sood, Haley Tract, Rachel Williams, and Sklyer Zenie.