With an immensely successful homecoming behind us, we are particularly proud to commend the October Students of the Month from Walt Whitman High School. These talented individuals have distinguished themselves in academic classes, earning the praise of the teachers and administrators alike. Our Students of the Month have successfully demonstrated the ability to juggle demands of increased academic standards, while simultaneously participating in numerous co-curricular endeavors. We congratulate all of our winners, as well as the teachers and dedicated parents who have contributed to their success.


ART: Erika Gaspar, Susie Glover, Ryan Owens, Marisa Sanquini.

SCIENCE: Filomena Abbatiello, Tsz Yau Cheng, Kelsey McDonald, Gabrielle Ramirez.

BUSINESS/HOME & CAREERS: Kristina Diaz, Tajear Farquharson, Jocelyn Hernandez, Keith Nieves.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Ryan Giudici, Patrec Jones Brown, Carol Melhado, Sarah Zepeda.

ENGLISH: Sean O’Donnell, Willie Petro, Melissa Shaiman, Morena Torres.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Alexandra Bitter, Marvin Hidalgo, Stephanie Martin, Julia McMullen.

MATHEMATICS: Stephanie Bishop, Yoselin Bueso Santos, Wilber Garay Chavez, Margaret Pigliacelli.

WORLD LANGUAGES: Danielle Barbarito, Rimshah Ehsan, Julia McMullen, Gabrielle Ramirez.

MUSIC: Timothy Jobson, Marianna Kliampas, Justin Thorne, Brittany White

ATHLETES OF THE MONTH: Tyrese Betts-Football and Emily Fung-Swimming