With the beginning of the new school year, we are particularly proud to commend the September Students of the Month from Walt Whitman High School. These talented individuals have distinguished themselves in academic classes, earning the praise of the teachers and administrators alike. Our Students of the Month have successfully demonstrated the ability to juggle demands of increased academic standards, while simultaneously participating in numerous co-curricular endeavors. We congratulate all of our winners, as well as the teachers and dedicated parents who have contributed to their success.


ART: Antonio Aparicio, Maclaire George, Katherine Gotard, Alicia Litt.

SCIENCE: Waris Barakzai, Danielle D’Amico, Hector Galdamez, Jared Saget.

BUSINESS/HOME & CAREERS: Michael Bronson, Julia Canigiani, Susie Glover, Delanna Richardson.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION: Daniel Abbruzzese, Patrick Brady, Unique Butts, Desiree Kleberg.

ENGLISH: Derek Di Lorenzo, Ellysandra Monegro, Cindy Richard, Abbie Yaeger.

SOCIAL STUDIES: Musa Assassa, Noah Fleites, Meagan O’Donnell, Haley Tract.

MATHEMATICS: Anthony Bosco, Mark Meneses, Amanda Moletz, Brianna Sarnataro.

WORLD LANGUAGES: Matthew McAuley, Aamash Mussa, Joie Tortorice, Thao Williams,

MUSIC: Jaycie Cardoso, Delaney Guiliano, Madison Repetti, and Melissa Shaiman.